Star Trek Borg Cube ATX SNOW WHITE Edition | Tower PC Case (Ready to Ship)

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Star Trek Borg Cube ATX SNOW WHITE Edition Tower PC Case (Ready to Ship)

We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.

Officially Licensed Star Trek‚ĄĘ Product

This is a Snow White Edition of our Star Trek Borg Cube PC case. It features the unique look of the Borg cube starship seen in Star Trek: The Next Generation to assimilate your desktop gaming PC or workstation. The Snow White Edition Borg Cube in particular was featured as a starship in Star Trek: Online. This model of the Borg Cube PC was also featured on a Linus Tech Tips live build. 

This unique computer case supports standard components: full ATX motherboards, full-size graphics cards, and air or liquid cooling. It is made with injection-molded ABS, over an acrylic bottom plate, aluminum frame & back plate. 

**Order by 2PM (PST) M-F for same-day shipping, unless noted it needs a little bit more time. Extra modifications/configurations not available for Pre-Build items; blemished items sold as-is.** 

Case Specifications:

  • Form Factor:¬†ATX
  • Dimensions:¬†15" x 15" x 15"
    • Star Trek Borg Cube ATX - SNOW WHITE EDITION Borg Cube PC Case
    • Clear side panel
    • Six (6) total 120mm A-RGB Case Fans
    • A-RGB LED case lighting
    • RGB Fiber optic lights¬†controlled via your mainboard's software
    • ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX Motherboards
    • PSU: length up to:
      • 7.1 inches or 180.34 millimeters
      • (OR 0.00089 furlongs, 0.000037 leagues, 0.035 rods, 0.0089 chains)
    • GPU length up to:
      • 14 inches or 355.6 millimeters

***Please do not use Amazon for pulling your measurements for PSU & GPU, as they generally display the measurements of packaging rather than the unit itself

    • 120mm or 240mm Radiators
    • Three (3): 3.5" Drives (**if needed for your build, please request brackets)

Star Trek Borg Cube ATX PC cases and computers are meticulously handcrafted and assembled in the USA by our own team here at CherryTree.

We take great pride in our creations and that's why the Star Trek Borg Cube ATX Case comes with a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Concerned about airflow and thermals?

Read Airflow and Thermals of our Borg Cube PCs for more information.