When we founded this company, we had one goal in mind - and that is to combine the beauty and awesomeness of SciFi Props and Vessels with recent computer technology. We wanted to create machines you don’t need to hide under your desk. Machines that reflect things you treasure.

As awesome as they are and as much we respect them, we are not Thermaltake or Corsair. We do not punch out tens of thousands of cases each month from a Chinese factory. Our machines are designed, manufactured and assembled in very limited quantities in California by a group of people who love SciFi just as much as you do. Maybe even more so because we are the ones crazy enough to build a business around this!

What makes us extremely proud is that we are the first and only company officially licensed to do this on a larger scale. Can we offer discount cases? Of course not! But if you are looking for that, we are most likely not the right guys for you. If you want to have a fully licensed and collectible replica that’s also a fully functional computer, then yes. CherryTree is here for you, the fans.

In 2017 we had the absolute honor of CBS (now Paramount) granting us our first license and it’s been a blast ever since. 2024 brings a new year, new shows and new civilizations and we truly hope with your continued support it will bring us where no small computer company has gone before.