Read on for some of the things our customers are saying about us. You can also find more reviews and feedback from others on Google Reviews and the BBB.

Got it, hooked it up, and it works! You guys are awesome, thank you! Shout-out to CherryTree Inc for great customer support. The Borg cube makes a great HTPC.

- Philip N.


Just got mine put together, it looks great in my living room as an HTPC. Ryzen 2 2700, AMD RX560, 16GB RAM. Plays back 4K beautifully.

- @eds_travel_pics, via Instagram



I have the STX i3 model and it's amazing! đź––

- @justaveragejay, via Instagram


Hello, Thank you all so much for sending this gorgeous piece of equipment! It is truly a work of art. Seriously stunning beyond words. Also, literally the best packaging I’ve ever seen in a product. You all should be incredibly proud of building something so badass.
Scott R.



The Picard Borg Cube is amazing and a very fine piece of art work I’ve added to my collection. The attention to detail is superb and the functionality a bonus. I am so glad you’ve decided to make these computer cases. I have two now and a third on the way. I will definitely being buying more!

- Jon S.


Worth every penny! Aside from supporting unique officially licensed Star Trek products, these products are a literal work of art. CherryTree also has a wonderful customer service team who worked with me to facilitate my needs as well as resolved quickly and professionally shipping complications that arose due to an international order during the COVID-19 pandemic. I cannot praise or recommend them enough!


- Kyle H.


I’m really happy with how these cases look. Thank you for you fast response and sending me a replacement case. You guys are amazing... I can’t wait to see the next computer/case that I need to buy from you guys. I hope you all are safe and weathering this time.
Loyal Fan,
Ryan H.

Ahoy everyone, once again I wanted to extend my personal thanks for working with me on price, not just because of my situation but the global situation at large. I cannot turn down the opportunity to have your latest work of art on my desk.


- Kyle H.


I just received the new case this afternoon and it arrived safely this time! Thank you again for helping me out! I really appreciate how easy you guys made this whole process. And I can’t wait to fire up my new computer with this case!
Take care,


Hello! Just wanted to pass along a huge shout-out to one of y’alls customer service reps...She’s been a huge help getting status updates on my order and helping me get my address changed over since we are moving soon! Thanks for everything y’all are doing during this time period and I’ll be sure to tag you guys in my unboxing/review!


- Nicholas F.


Just to let you know I got the machine back and It is amazing...Thanks for all your help during this, I know it was a pain but I was really impressed with the customer service. Cheers for persevering and putting up with me.
Have a great weekend,
John F.


The case is absolutely beautiful.
Thank you,
Dexter M.



Don’t buy just any computer when you can get a limited edition Borg Cube from CherryTree Inc! Mine just arrived!!! #nerd

- Heath B.


I have the MKII ITX and it is great build quality. Fun system and the cube design makes it easy to place in your living space.

- Jacob M.


I received The Artifact Borg ITX cube a few weeks ago, I call it my Borg scout cube cause it's little. I am very impressed with its speed and quality. A literal few seconds boot time and it is BEAUTIFUL! Do it, buy it!

- Angel M.


@cherrytreeinc has officially become my favorite/go to computer company! Seriously, their builds are so cool! 

- Jay A., via Twitter



Big Thanks to @CherryTreeInc for my new favorite t-shirt. #weAreBorg #WeTakeEveryone #CheckOutTheirPCs #STLV19

- Michael M., via Twitter


Thanks again for the awesome product! You make me very happy!!

- Jon S.


:slightly_smiling_face: I really appreciate your prompt and thorough service.

- Cuahtemoc C.


Thank you for building an excellent PC for me.

- Tim C.



You guys are amazing!!!

- Gerald R.