Airflow and Thermals of our Borg Cube PCs

We know that airflow is essential. 

Which is why we design our Borg Cube PC cases with built-in venting.

While not obvious at first glance, the combined surface area of the vent openings all around the case are 20% larger than the surface area of the three (3) fans on the back of the computer cases.

**UPDATE : the newer models (late 2022, early 2023) of each ATX-size Borg Cube PC case now has an additional three (3) fans on the bottom of the pc case with the High Airflow Bottom Plate, totaling six (6) case fans; Star Trek: Picard "Bundle" editions, Star Trek Artifact, and the Star Trek Borg Cube ATX PC come with this bottom plate).

Each Borg Cube ATX tower case has 14-16 Borg panels, and each panel has vents of different sizes. We put a lot of thought into this when designing these custom computer cases - they are not just black boxes with 3 fans on the back; our Star Trek Borg Cube PC cases need to breathe!

Additionally, the venting also shows off the lighting from inside the computer case.