CherryTree Releases 3rd Anniversary Star Trek: Picard Borg Cube ATX PC

March 22, 2023

CherryTree Releases 3rd Anniversary Star Trek: Picard Borg Cube ATX PC 

CherryTree Inc. commemorates the third, and final season of Star Trek: Picard with another variant of its popular Star Trek: Picard Borg Cube ATX PC. 


[LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, March 22, 2023—] Makers of the Star Trek Borg Cube PC, CherryTree Inc., have created another Limited Collector's Edition variant of their Star Trek: Picard Borg Cube ATX computer.  

“Since Paramount confirmed that the third season of Star Trek: Picard would be its last for the series, we wanted to commemorate it with a special version of our most popular Borg Cube PC case,” said Martin Roth, CEO. 

The Star Trek: Picard 3rd Anniversary Edition Borg Cube ATX PC features the same silhouette and chassis shape as their first Star Trek: Picard Borg Cube ATX PC, the design based off the reclaimed Artifact Borg Cube from season one of the series. For the 3rd Anniversary Edition, however, the overall color is grey, and not black as it is for the original iteration of the Picard-style Borg Cube PC case. This color choice is partly due to requests in the past for a grey-colored Borg Cube PC case. Additionally, the hand-painted details to give a ‘weathering’ look are in darker tones, differing from the silver accents on the original version.  

Like the original Star Trek: Picard Borg Cube ATX, the 3rd Anniversary comes in a bundle with the Borg Cube packed in a specially designed wooden crate, accompanied by a Star Trek: Picard Romulan Pixmit Hoodie and a blueprint art print, all designed by CherryTree. There will be only 31 units available per production run, and each cube is individually numbered, unless a custom engraving is requested.  

The Star Trek: Picard 3rd Anniversary Edition Borg Cube ATX is not limited to proprietary components and hardware, since it “uses standard PC parts you can customize to your needs, and add your own ‘technological distinctiveness’ to it, to make it your ‘number one’,” says CherryTree Inc. 


About CherryTree Inc. 

CherryTree Inc. (CherryTree) is a custom technology developer and manufacturer. Established in 2017, the company specializes in licensed desktop computer towers, gaming PCs, and peripherals. Licenses include Star Trek™ (Paramount) and Star Wars™ (Disney) properties. 
CherryTree creates tech to reflect what you treasure. The company designs visually stunning personalized PC cases and accessories to high-performance rigs. CherryTree personal computers and keyboards are made to be the center of attention for the end-user. They are not meant to be hidden away or shoved underneath a desk. 
CherryTree is always committed to delivering high-quality products. Tailored to be enjoyed by science fiction fans, pop culture buffs, tech enthusiasts and professionals alike. For more information, visit 


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