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Illuminatus of Borg Statue 12" With RGB LED Lights


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Well, look what happened now! They’ve assimilated Bernie! 

For a limited time we give you Illuminatus of Borg, a 12.5″ (32cm) collectible figurine. Illuminatus of Borg is made from 3D-printed resin, hand painted in Los Angeles, California and comes with a RGB LED Light inside the cube. (Charger and Remote Control included)

If you are an existing customer, please contact us first to receive a very special coupon for our favorite Cherries!

We will not have him in stock for long, and we don’t know how many we will make. Orders will be fulfilled on a first come, first served basis and have roughly a lead time of 7 to 10 business days. This is not meant as a political statement whatsoever; just good old fun!


Illuminatus of Borg is proudly made in the USA and hand-crafted by our very own team in Los Angeles, California.