Geek Machine™ - Star Trek Edition PC Case (WHITE)


Case orders usually ship within 1-3 business days; with Machine build orders please allow 2-3 weeks, as components are not stocked in-house and are acquired per individual order.

Geek Machine

WHITE - Star Trek Edition Custom Gaming PC Case 

ATX Mid Tower Gaming PC or Workstation Computer

An officially Licensed Star Trek product.

The Geek Machine PC is our ‘normal’ PC case for those who would like something a little more toned down than a Borg Cube PC, but still want to show your love for Star Trek. 

This is the White model. Choose your favorite faceplate design set to go with it. Faceplate design sets are also available in the Shop - more designs to come, collect them all!

Current faceplate design sets feature artwork themed after:

  • Star Trek LCARS 
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks characters
  • Star Trek: Lower Decks environments
  • Star Trek Ships
  • more to come!

This is available as a PC case (for those who wish to build out their own computer) or as a fully-built custom computer for gaming or production such as video processing, rendering, and encoding - it all depends on what you will be doing with it! 

The Geek Machine Custom PC case features:

  • Tempered glass side & front, with borderless corner.

  • A-RGB strip behind the faceplate.

  • USB-3 and Audio ports on top of the case.

  • Comes standard with three (3) 120mm A-RGB PWM Fans.

  • Choose from six (6) different fan configurations, from five (5) different manufacturers.

  • Accommodates up to ten (10) 120mm fans (3x on the bottom, 3x on the right side, 3x on the top and 1x on the back).

  • Accomodates up to two (2) 2.5" drives and two (2) 3.5" drives

  • Optional vertical GPU mount (option shown in pictures).

  • Choose from four (4) different Star Trek-themed faceplate design sets.

  • Can fit up to two (2) 360mm radiators (one on the top, and one on the right side); Works with 240mm or 360mm Radiators*
    *due to the height of the case, double-stacking radiator fans on the top is not possible. 


The Geek Machine™ PC Case is modified, built-out & finished by our very own team in Los Angeles, California.