CherryStudio Pro PC


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CherryStudio Pro Custom PC

A Powerful Gaming or Workstation Computer

Whether you’re in the market for a gaming PC or a powerful production rig, the CherryStudio Pro can handle your workload. This computer can be configured to be ideal for gaming, as well as video processing, rendering, and encoding - it all depends on what you’re looking for and what you’ll be doing with it. 

The case, a modified Phanteks Eclipse P500A (in White or Black), accommodates standard components, so you can continue to upgrade and make it your own for years to come. It's a full-metal, mesh design mid-tower case with with Digital-RGB Lighting and 140mm D-RGB Case Fans. In addition we added another addressable RGB strip to bring in more light effects and light up the custom engraving of your choosing. 


The CherryStudio Pro Custom Gaming PC is hand-built by our very own team in Los Angeles, California.