Here’s Why You’ll Never Find CherryTree Inc. PCs and Cases on Amazon

January 15, 2024

Not to beat our own morality drum, but the team here at CherryTree Inc. has always agreed on a short list of principles that help us create high-quality, unique products that our customers can enjoy to their fullest. We believe in upholding the principles of fairness, transparency, and quality in all our business undertakings. We also value and support small businesses, recognizing the vital role they play in our economy and society. Recently, we made the conscious decision not to sell our Borg Cube PC and Geek Machine™ lines on Amazon, one of the world's largest online retailers. We understand that this decision may raise questions among our customers, and we want to take this opportunity to explain why. 


Amazon's Predatory Practices Hurt Small Businesses

One of the main reasons behind our decision is Amazon's predatory business practices that are actively hurting small businesses. Small businesses form the backbone of any thriving economy, yet Amazon's business model often undermines the growth and survival of these entrepreneurs. By hosting a platform that heavily favors large-scale retailers and discounts, small businesses often find themselves unable to compete, which negatively impacts their revenue and profitability.

The Review Policy is Vague and Manipulable

Another significant concern is Amazon's vague review policy. Currently, users can leave product reviews without having purchased the product. This loophole can be exploited by bad actors who may leave negative reviews to undermine a company's reputation or falsely inflate the ratings of inferior products. This manipulation of the review system not only misleads customers but also can unjustly damage the reputation of quality manufacturers.

Amazon's Copycat Strategy

Lastly, Amazon has been reported to identify best-selling items on their platform and then duplicate them at a lower quality for lower prices. This practice, known as 'Amazon's Copycat Strategy,' is not only unethical but also undermines innovation and competition. It hurts the original creators of these products, who have invested time, effort, and resources into developing their products only to have them copied and sold at lower prices. 

Made in the US for Quality Assurance

Most of our products carry a higher price tag because they are proudly made here in the U.S., using materials sourced domestically. This ensures high-quality, durable goods that support our local economy. However, selling on Amazon would not reduce these costs. In fact, due to Amazon's fees and the cost of adapting to their platform, our prices would likely increase. So, contrary to what some may assume, waiting for our products to appear cheaper on Amazon would not be beneficial.

While we always appreciate customers that want to see our business grow by utlizing additional platforms, our decision to not sell on Amazon was made in the best interests of our customers, our commitment to supporting small businesses, and maintaining the quality and integrity of our products. We appreciate your understanding and continued support as we navigate the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce.


Bryan Stéphane Lammens

Bryan Stéphane Lammens said:

Hello from Brussels, Belgium.

Your cases are really really bad ass, do you have a european resseller ?

Wish you great success.

Bryan Stéphane

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