Trekking in Las Vegas

August 05, 2018

The 2018 Official Star Trek Convention Las Vegas was a whirlwind of Borgs, Bat’leths, and Starfleet uniforms – oh, and we can’t forget the overwhelming amount of those trembling Tribbles. Most people documented their experiences via social media using the hashtags #STLV, #STLV18 or #STLV2018 and tagging @StarTrek during their adventures at the Rio All-Suites Hotel and Casino. The Vendors Hall, where we were stationed, was open throughout the day so attendees could stop by between their busy schedules for meet & greets, autographs, photo-ops, and concerts throughout the convention.

This year we had our first exhibitor’s booth, designed to stand tall with trusses, lights, and Borg technology. We also had Lauren of Borg, our Cherry Mascot (who came to be known as ‘Mr. CherryTree’), and Tiffany as Seven of Nine, at the booth to greet those who stopped by. Along with our Borg Micro Cubes and Borg Cube PCs, our booth featured two VR stations where people could try their hand at a demo for our upcoming Goat on a Float™ game. High-scorers of the game could win a free t-shirt. People of all ages came to try it out – one girl came several times a day, every day of the convention!

We had seven different shirt designs available at the booth to win or purchase, as seven of nine designs we submitted were approved (ha, see what we did there?). Our most popular designs ended up being ‘Borg to be Wild’ and ‘Resistance is… oh, you know’. There were giggles and grins on people’s faces as they paused to look at the shirts hung along the trusses.

On Friday evening, it was time for our panel and live auction. At around 6PM in the DeForest Kelley Theatre, Martin and score composer Michael Giacchino took to the stage to show off CherryTree’s machines, prototypes of upcoming products, and auction off three machines: 2 Borg Micro Cubes and 1 signed Borg Cube PC, the proceeds going to Education Through Music-Los Angeles.

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