The CherryTree Bravado at LACPUG

July 25, 2018

Martin takes to the stage as former Star Trek actor and one of the founders of the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group (LACPUG), Michael Horton, introduces him. Michael explains that CherryTree creates custom technology, and notes how other fruit-inspired tech companies seem to ignore the needs of their pro users.

Michael Horton introduces Martin and CherryTree Inc.

Martin runs through his presentation starting with the Borg Micro Cube, then the Borg Cube PC, and finally comes to the Bravado. As he shows the specs, the group emits “oohs” and “ahhs”. He then discusses the idea of a portable composer machine that was brought about because score composer, Michael Giacchino, had asked Martin to build him such a machine. Thus, the idea of the Bravado was born.

Presenting, the CherryTree Bravado!

Martin proceeds to address several issues, such as temperature, explaining that even when running at full capacity the Bravado never exceeds 80C. He also speaks about the custom-made power supply, the kind of screen it has (in this case, a Dell model), resolution (it will be upgraded to 4K in the near future), and pricing – to which he responds that it will be under $10K, while similar machines are around $15K. He then demonstrates the Bravado’s touchscreen function, leaving the group impressed.

Martin presents the Bravado’s specs at the LACPUG Meet.

At the close of his presentation, Martin speaks about the upcoming charity auction at the Star Trek convention and holds up a fully functioning, translucent model of the Borg Micro Cube. After the presentation, guests were able to take a closer look at the Bravado and see the inside of the Borg Micro Cube.

Martin showing off a translucent model of the Borg Micro Cube.

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