Help guide the goat to safety as you navigate treacherous waters, avoid foes, dodge obstacles, and collect perks amidst the constant threat of sinking to the river depths in an ever exciting endless “floater”.
What floats your goat?


  • 60 levels and counting

    With 60 levels currently available for play and many more on the way, you will struggle to float out of things to do.

  • Earn and use GoatNotes

    Collect GoatNotes to be used in the Store to purchase defenses, upgrades, and GoatJackets.

  • 5 times of day

    Play at different times of day to experience the land of Goat in new and exciting ways.

  • 8 unique environments

    Float through 8 gorgeous lands in your quest to collect GoatOats and reach new BoatHouses.

  • Ton of enemies & obstacles

    Encounter numerous enemies and obstacles, learn their tricks, and float through to safer waters.

  • Awesome soundtrack

    Float through the game with an ever evolving musical score and check out the theme song available for download on iTunes.


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