Welcome to Divided Airways. Unfortunately, we have overbooked the flight with crew members! Please help crew members “volunteer” for flight “reaccommodation” by hitting them 3 times so that our paying customers can take their rightful seats. Make sure not to hit any customers. We wouldn’t want to forcibly remove a paying customer – that would be insane!

  • Revenge

    Take revenge against the airlines after they have treated their clientele so horribly

  • Simon The Rabbit

    Watch Simon The Rabbit drag belligerent crew off the flight

  • Voice Audio

    Listen to the passengers as they make “belligerent” remarks

  • Tap & Swipe

    Tap and swipe the screen to deal devastating blows to airline personnel

  • High Score

    Compete with friends to see who can remove more pilots from the plane

  • Race Against Time

    Race against time to remove as many crew members as possible


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