custom installations

CherryTree has a multitude of custom installation options available for small businesses up to large complex corporations, including complete setup and integration of custom hardware and software.



Today's networks can be quite complex. CherryTree can integrate multiple networks and access points into one cohesive system. Want one network for some users and another completely secured network for sensitive files? We can do that.

  • Custom networks
  • Custom servers
  • Cat5e-Cat7 structured cabling
  • Fiber optic cables/ switches
  • Maintenance contracts available

Data Storage & Backup Solutions

Provide a step of protection against fire or flood with our data storage. CherryTree offers off-site and offline data storage solutions for complete remote security.

Unique Design

We offer uniquely-designed cases that can fit any application, from a tiny 6"x6"x3" STX box, to silent machines for studio environments and made-to-order servers for every application. Custom painting and branding also available.

Silent Cooling

Extreme processors require extreme cooling. We pay special attention to cooling needs and noise reduction requirements for applications such as recording studios and broadcast/ streaming environments.

  • Custom liquid cooling
  • Exceptionally quiet fans