Limited Edition Borg Cube ITX Case


Case Only! Not A Full Build!

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Officially Licensed Star Trek™ Product You asked, so we listened. Most importantly we now have a small Borg Cube computer case that fits a small graphics card. The Borg Cube computer case, designed to be of ITX form factor, measures in at only 7.5″ x 7.5″ x 7.5″; for that reason, the Borg Cube ITX is only slightly larger than our first Borg Micro Cube case. As a result of the small increase in size, the Borg Cube now allows the usage of small/mini graphics cards, making it ideal of streaming, games, or even light video editing.

To commemorate The Battle of Wolf 359, we will be releasing:

  • 359 Cases, available in each of the United States, Canada, and Europe
  • 359 Fully-built & configurable machines, only available in the United States

Borg Cube ITX case includes:

  • x2 EZ Access Drive Bays
  • x2 20mm x 40mm Noctua Fans
  • x1 Flexible PCIe Riser
  • x1 Power Supply Unit (PSU)
    • picoPSU – 200 Watt 12V Input DC-DC ATX PSU
    • High-Reliability DC-DC ATX PSU
    • OSCON SPVS capacitors, Japan
    • 200 watt, 24pin
    • ROHS compliant version.
    • Includes AC-DC Power Adapter also.
    • Because of its tough design, capable of high-temperature operation.
    • Because of higher power consumption, Intel Core i7-9700 models ship with dual picoPSU configurations.
    • Furthermore, no minimum loading requirement.
Furthermore the Borg Cube ITX PC, made in the USA, is hand-assembled by our very own team in California. The materials used in the case depend on the case color. The black case variant made of injection-molded ABS, while translucent variant is Poly-carbonate. This case is a limited production run, with only 359 available in selected regions.


Payment plan available! 30% down initially, and the remaining amount paid over a total of 6-months. You must pay each payment before date given, otherwise your order is at risk of being canceled.

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