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Choose your discount on our officially licensed Star Trek Borg computers, computer cases, and servers - as well as our other custom tech, figurines, and apparel. CherryTree products are proudly made in the USA and hand-crafted by our very own team in Los Angeles, California.



Featured Products: 

Star Trek: Picard Singularity 
Borg Cube ATX

As some of you might know, we cut, weld, and build each Picard Borg Cube ATX cases (and machines) in-house. Our new, translucent Star Trek: Picard Singularity Borg Cube ATX is made with injection-molded Polycarbonate, which we're now finally able to cut in-house thanks to our new waterjet cutter!


Star Trek: Picard PRIDE Edition 
Borg Cube ATX

We’d like to celebrate equality and uplift the voices & allies of the LGBTQ community. 20% of each Star Trek: Picard PRIDE Edition Borg Cube ATX case sold will be donated to GLAAD. It has a special engraved & painted backplate, RGB fans, and you can choose your accent edge color.


Star Trek: Picard Borg Cube ATX

Featuring the unique look of the Borg ship seen in Star Trek: Picard, the Cube is extreme in every way. Each one is a unique collector's item, there will only be 31 units available. Featuring hand-painted details, and extensive fiber optics - it's not just a powerful computer, it's a beautiful art piece that demands attention. This supports full ATX motherboards, 3 full-size graphics cards, a full-size power supply, and liquid cooling. Since it uses standard PC parts you can customize it to your needs, and add your own "technological distinctiveness" to it, to make it your "number one". A case made by fans, for fans, and has giant fans (airflow!).


CherryNAS Cobalt Qube

The Cobalt Qube was a computer server appliance made in between 1998 to 2002 by Cobalt Networks. Our love for this little guy is why we wanted to pay homage to it and give it a new life in the modern world. We've taken the beloved Qube and modified it: only the original outer shell is the same, while all the internal components have been retrofitted.


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*offer excludes PRIDE Edition ATX; 20% of each PRIDE Edition ATX case sold will be donated to GLAAD.