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Borg Cube PC

Using only the fastest and most current technology on the market today, the Borg Cube PC provides an immersive virtual reality gaming experience. These machines are not mass-produced. Each unit’s panels are cast and hand-painted. Every hole is meticulously drilled by hand, then the machines are hand-assembled by Star Trek™ fans for Star Trek™ fans, to ensure attention to detail and complete assimilation.



■ Officially licensed Star Trek™ product
■ Measures 14”x14”x14”
■ Configurable up to Intel® Core™ i9 7980XE 18-Core 2.6GHz CPU (Max Turbo 4.2GHz) or AMD Threadripper™ 16 Core
■ Configurable up to 128 GB of DDR4 RAM – 2x faster than DDR3
■ Configurable up to Nvidia® Titan Xp or AMD Radeon™ RX Vega 64
■ M.2 configurable up to 2 TB – up to 20Gbit/s data-transfer speeds
■ Built for VR
■ Liquid Cooling
■ Supports Windows™ 10 Home, Windows™ 10 Pro and Linux
■ Hand-assembled in USA. Case handmade in USA

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Ultimate Gaming Performance

Dive into cutting edge gaming technology when you choose custom options like Geforce 1080 Ti.

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Immerse Yourself

The Borg Cube PC is built specifically with virtual reality experiences in mind. Blazing fast speeds allow you to immerse yourself in virtual worlds.

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*Speakers not included

Engaging Sound

Accompany exquisite graphics with complete auditory enhancement. With 7.1 surround sound and optical output built in you will experience a new level of virtual reality gaming.

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Officially Licensed Star Trek™ Product

Boldly going where no one has gone before... we're proud to be the first officially licensed Star Trek™ PC.

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Commitment to Quality

Our PCs are designed and created with an obsessive attention to detail to produce a quality product with expertly engineered premium parts. We create PCs that will give you the best technology, gaming and entertainment experience, and fully stand by our commitment to quality guarantee.

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